The official language of the Journées de Statistique is French. Non French-speaking authors may present their contribution in English language (including a French abstract).  Slides may be either in French or English language, the latter choice being highly appreciated by non-French speaking colleagues that attend the Journées de Statistique. The Program Committee will select the submitted contributions that are accepted.


The call for submissions is now completed.

Electronic submission system

Owing to the obsolescence of the formerly used submission platform, the submissions are now made through a new web platform developed for the conferences and workshops of the French Statistical Society. To ensure that your submission procedure is correctly terminated, please follow closely the following instructions.

To propose a contributed paper, you have to prepare a “long” text of about 2 to 6 pages, which will appear online on the conference web site in case of acceptance by the Program Committee.  This long text has to contain the title of the contribution, its author(s), their affiliation and their addresses. It presents a detailed description (in French for French-speaking authors, otherwise in English) of the contribution, as well as a French abstract, an English abstract, a list of keywords and a bibliography. The document containing these elements must be uploaded in pdf format onto the submission site by using one of the following two templates (LaTeX or OpenOffice):

Electronic submission is done in three steps. The submitting author is designated as contact person for his submission. Several submissions are possible with a single account.  Please proceed according to the following instructions:

  1. Registration form : You have to provide  an email address (used as login name afterwards) and a password containing at least one number and one upper-case letter to protect access to your account. You will then receive a confirmation email with a validation link that you need to click (or copy into your browser) for activating your account. Do not forget your password. You may later modify your account preferences by connecting to your account on
  2. Creation of your submission: https://workshop-jds2017.sfds.asso.frThe blue buttons of the submission form allow saving the different parts of contribution. Before finalizing by clicking the green button (see Step 3), a submission may be modified and completed subsequently until 12 February 2017 at the latest.
    1. Connect to your account on using your login (email address) and your password.
    2. Click on  “Nouvelle soumission” (“New submission”).
    3. You will be redirected to a form of which all fields are compulsory (title, French abstract, complete author list, keywords, pdf file of your contribution generated from one of the LaTeX or OpenOffice templates).
      • There muste be at least one author. Do not forget to click the button  “Ajout auteur” (“Add author”) after having filled in your contact details or those of a co-author.
      • It is compulsory to select at least one appropriate keyword from the drop-down menu (see the complete list of keywords below).
    4. Click on the blue button  “Créer soumission” (“Create submission”).
    5. Starting from the main menu of the submission site, a click on a submission not yet finalized (“Gérer soumission …”) allows modifying and completing this submission.
  3. Finalization of your submission : In the main menu of the submission site, click on the submission link that you want to finalize (“Gérer soumission …”). If all elements have been correctly provided and filled in, the green button “Finalisation et envoi aux Arbitres” will finalize your submission and send it to the Program Committee; it is impossible to modify or suppress it afterwards.

Notice that the you can provide different keywords in the long text than those predefined in the drop-down menu of the submission form. After creating and finalizing a contribution, you will each time receive a confirmation email summarizing the details that you have provided.

List of Keywords to choose from in the submission form

  • Algorithmes stochastiques (Stochastic algorithms)
  • Analyse des données, fouille de données (Data analysis, Data mining)
  • Apprentissage et classification (Machine learning and Classification)
  • Bioinformatique (Bioinformatics)
  • Biostatistique (Biostatistics)
  • Chimiométrie (Chemometrics)
  • Données de survie et données censurées (Survival data, Censored data)
  • Économétrie (Econometrics)
  • Enseignement de la statistique (Teaching statistics)
  • Environnement, climat (Environment, Climate)
  • Étude de cas (Case studies)
  • Grande dimension, données massives (High-dimensional problems, Big data)
  • Histoire de la statistique (History of statistics)
  • Logiciels (Software)
  • Marketing (Marketing)
  • Méthodes bayésiennes (Bayesian methods)
  • Médecine, épidémiologie (Medecine, Epidemiology)
  • Modèles de mélange (Mixture models)
  • Modèles graphiques (Graphical models)
  • Modèles pour l’assurance et la finance (Models for insurance and finance)
  • Modèles semi- et non-paramétriques (Semi- and nonparametric models)
  • Ondelettes (Wavelets)
  • Plans d’expériences (Design of experiments)
  • Problèmes inverses et parcimonie (Inverse problems, Parcimony)
  • Qualité, fiabilité (Quality, Reliability)
  • Statistique computationnelle (Computational statistics)
  • Statistique d’enquête, statistique et société (Survey statistics, Statistics and Society)
  • Statistique des processus, Processus (Statistics for stochastic processes, Stochastic Processes)
  • Statistique mathématique (Mathematical statistics)
  • Statistique spatiale, spatio-temporelle (Spatial and spatio-temporal statistics)
  • Valeurs extrêmes (Extreme values)


  1. I forgot the password of my account. What can I do?Go to the registration form and try to login with a random (false) password. A button request-password-reset will appear; you can click it to launch the procedure for entering a new password.
  2. What can I do in case of any other problem?Do not hesitate to contact the organizers through their contact email address